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What Powers your business?
Make sure your customers know.
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You need a Digital Marketing strategy. Whether you know it or not, your business already has an online presence. Take charge of what your customers are seeing. Get Powered by Mint

We are a complete ­solution Digital Marketing firm. Whether it’s a single campaign or a complete marketing strategy, Mint will consult, create, advise, and manage.

How We Power

Marketing Strategy

Have you defined your target demographic? What about your best sales channel? Do you know what your reputation is? Don’t leave it to chance. We make sure the messages you’re sending are strategic. Know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to increasing sales for your business.


Have you thought about your business’s personality? Your customers have. Set the tone early with a strong brand. Colors, logos, brand attributes, materials standards ­ these are all parts of a brand package.

Digital Profile

Let’s get you online. Customers are looking for you there, so make sure they can find you. Search Engine Optimization, Pay­per­Click advertising, Email campaigns, Social Media management, Website design ­they are all essential elements of creating a strong Digital Profile.


Our graphic designers get you noticed. Print materials are an integral part of any marketing strategy. Be sure they bring a return on investment. We will design and print the physical assets to compliment your digital presence: brochures, banners, letterhead, fact sheets, magnets, rack cards, signs, and more.

Who we Power

Small businesses and franchises across industries come to Mint for a complete range of Digital Marketing services. No matter where you are in the lifecycle of your business, Mint can deliver the marketing strategy to get you to the next stage

Why we Power

Our expertise is franchising. For seven years we have been developing and marketing franchises across the country. Franchising happens because we are able to pinpoint the value in a company and share it with others.

This, we learned, is also the nature of a solid Marketing Strategy. First, define what makes your company different. Then, find who’s looking for it and make sure they know you deliver. Digital Marketing is simply a necessary component to any Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age.

Marketing your business is more complex than ever. There are more channels, more competitor messages, more customer reviews, and higher expectations than before. It’s hard enough running your business; let Mint Power it.